Google Drive: An Unsung Hero for this Girl on the Go

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Google Drive: An Unsung Hero for this Girl on the Go

A typical day for me is unpredictable. Yes, I plan things in my calendar and have ongoing agendas, but I literally am all over the place. Working two jobs, managing a nonprofit and family obligations are enough to keep the plate overflowing. Nailing me down on any given day is a hard if not impossible task. Sometimes it’s easier for me to work at home and sometimes I’m at either of my two offices. So, the one thing that does follow me no matter, is my google drive. I’m so dependent on it, if it were taken away from me, it would be a mighty blow of an amputation I’d struggle getting over.

So what is google drive? It is Google’s web-based operating system and a cloud storage option. It has 15GB of free Google online storage. In layman’s terms, lemme break it down. Google drive is a way to store documents, folders, photos, videos, designs, spreadsheets- VIRTUALLY anything. See what I did there? Pun intended. Anyway, all you need to do is go to google drive and start saving, creating and uploading things there. Why it’s REALLY cool is you can invite others to view, collaborate and download all the files you want. All they need is a gmail email and from there you simply invite them to any one of the many things you save on your drive. Once you do, they can view and add what you’ve invited them to.

So let me give you some examples. For one, I create a lot of my social media wizardry on google drive, including this blog that I create as a document. I’ve shared these documents with my colleagues which allows them to view it from anywhere they’re at on their device. That way, if we need to discuss content or collaborate, they have super easy access to it.

For one of my jobs I open new financial accounts for clients and it is a multi-layered process. Between dealing with different companies, facilitating transfers and communicating with the client, you have to document and track what’s going on from inception to fully processed. While I am the one orchestrating the process, this one aspect is part of a team. So again, it’s important that I share this spreadsheet document with my teammates so that now everyone who’s anyone on this team has quick access to check the status.

Personally it’s been great as well. I take weekly banjo lessons and my instructor on her own time records herself playing all the songs that she’s taught me. She then uploads these recordings on the drive so I can go and listen to them anytime when I practice.

And again, I need to (google) drive home here, that once on the drive, you can see your stuff from anywhere. Any computer, tablet or smartphone. As long as you have online access, you’re in. I’m an iPhone girl and have the Google Drive app on my phone. Getting access to it is no problem. I also have a lenovo laptop and use chrome as my browser and simply get access to my Google drive from there. Google drive is so user friendly.  You never feel intimidated and it’s one of the easiest things I’ve ever navigated around. I use it DAILY. I can’t say enough about how much this unsung hero plays a big part  to my universe other than the praises I just gave it. It makes me and everyone else around me look that much smarter and makes all our lives that much easier. Well played google drive. You are the one thing to help reign in and harness this girl in a good way giving those around her better access to her. This is a marriage for the ages.