A Love Letter to IT Technicians

A Love Letter to IT Technicians

A Love Letter to IT Technicians

Identifying your Need

Because in the free world, there isn’t a day that goes by where the majority of us don’t touch a piece of technology. For better or worse, we are married to our devices and there is no going back. And most of us can’t imagine ever wanting to. The ease, convenience and efficiency that technology has brought us compels the argument that the good outweighs the negative. Part of the negative however, is when our technology malfunctions. We become “that person” that loses our minds, clasps our head in rage. Basically we’re two steps away from turning into She-Hulk (or for you lads just The Incredible Hulk). Our world has collapsed, our work has halted and OMG! What do I do? If you’re a lucky girl like me, you call your IT Technicians.

Courting your IT Technicians

In our current universe, we will always need IT Technicians. Things will break down and technology will keep advancing. So like any need or relationship in life, you gotta ask yourself, “Who do I want my partner to be in this endeavor?” Sometimes we don’t get a choice. If we work within an office, it is management that typically decides who your IT Technicians will be. But, whether it’s an arranged marriage or one of your choosing, you want to make nice with these folks. You want to build a good relationship with them. IT Technicians will be more apt to help those that call out their cries of help with more a lilt than a squall.

Having an envious relationship with your IT Technicians

The best relationship in this sphere is pretty simple. Let me relay what this should look like since I have one. The best IT Technicians are friendly and ready to help. They reply promptly. They don’t guffaw at your issues and never treat you for the true ignoramus you are. Because unless you are emerged in the IT world consistently studying it, we are ALL those ignorant folk. This is why we outsource it. None of us have the time to be experts on all things. Good Technicians are well rounded. You want one that can be a one stop shop to you. When you’re shopping for new devices, if you’re in need of a new server, if you’re having issues with your connectivity, phones, software, experiencing a virus or any other malaise that’s causing discomfort, you want to go to your IT Technician. A good one will deliver.

Loving IT Technicians

The healthiest relationship is to work well together and allowance to defer to one another. The best relationships are the ones that are symbiotic. One cannot exist without the other. Relying on this technology so heavily, I couldn’t navigate through my day without the backup of IT Technicians. Much like a gymnast having a spotter, I know if I fall, my IT Technicians will be there to help me back up. And their jobs exist because of people like me needing the assist. When they aren’t needed, they’re often forgotten about, life hums along. And we need to thank them for the long periods of time that it does hum along. It hums along because they’re always in the background monitoring and protecting our assets. Like Batman, they’re there, they’re watching and they’ll emerge when we go into the throws of our Hulk moment casting out the bat signal.

IT Technicians are marked with the “stigma” of being introverts, geeks and nerds. I embrace these qualities in IT Technicians. They should too, wielding them like a badge of honor. Without their passion for their field, we’d still be relying on paper, pen and a rolodex. I am in awe of them and I celebrate them. So thank you geeky IT Technicians of the world. Love, this grateful girl.