5 Things You Must Know About Microsoft Office 365

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5 Things You Must Know – Microsoft Office 365

In today’s fast-paced business environment, we have seen a fundamental transformation in the way people work and conduct business. We are experiencing a shift away from the outdated practices of working at a desk day after day keeping you isolated to fixed hours. The workplace is shifting to a modern integrated and collaborative environment, focused on overall successes and outcomes. Embracing a Microsoft Office Solution can give you an edge in adapting and navigating this new paradigm shift. Whether your company is centrally located, or you have a remote sales team Office 365 can give your company the edge it needs to thrive in a modern business environment.


Office 365 makes it easy to manage your accounts through a feature-rich and easy to use admin center. The office 365 admin center can be used to set up your organization in the cloud. You can even add users, manage domains, Licenses, Exchange email accounts and much more. This system takes the guesswork out of tracking and maintaining accurate counts on license keys and other information. Long gone are the days of meticulously tracking stickers and slips of paper to avoid unnecessary Office installations.


By tapping into the cloud, you eliminate age-old restrictions that require you to work from a centralized location to access all your essential information. By utilizing the One Drive platform you have access to all your data right at your fingertips. Allowing you to use programs like Word, Excel, and PowerPoint on any device in any location. This is a game changer for companies that have a remote or mobile workforce! It allows your team the freedom to go where they need to while staying connected to the home office.


Microsoft Office 365 has powerful productivity and collaboration tools like Share Point, Teams and Skype. These tools allow your team to work efficiently and effectively to meet their goals. Through the document management and sharing options that SharePoint platform offers you can control who and what individuals of your teams have access to within the organization. Teamwork is vital to the modern business model; collaboration drives workplace performance. A Stanford University study shows that in a collaborative environment individuals stay engaged in a task 64% longer than those who worked on the same task alone.

Security and Compliance

Security is a hot topic for many companies who are considering moving to the cloud.  Microsoft has built-in security measures to keep data safe and secure on its platform. By utilizing Office 365, you’ll receive up to date versions of your office products as soon as the’re available. Advanced Threat Analytics and Data Loss Preventions are always working on your behalf to seek out and flag security threats and vulnerabilities. This helps keep your data out of the wrong hands. You also have access to a cutting-edge email encryption service while utilizing Microsoft Outlook. These are a few of the tools Microsoft Office deploys to ensure your data is safe and secure.

Application Integration

Microsoft is a world leader in developing productivity tools. This designation allows them to partner with other industry leaders to create a well-rounded user experience. Integrating Outlook with your CRM software creates a heightened level of communication between your team and the client. Saving you both time and money. The Microsoft team will continue to expand and grow the Office 365 platform through integrations. They recognize gaps need to be filled through software integration with other companies.

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