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For years IT companies have been taking a reactive approach on servicing their clients’ individual needs, we like to call this the “break/fix” method. The “break/fix” method has a number of downfalls that can lead to decreased productivity and efficiency. When issues arise organizations utilizing the “break/fix” method can get overwhelmed quickly with the responsibilities of keeping their IT infrastructure running.

Since 2010, we’ve made it our mission to bridge the gap between technology and the success of the organizations we serve. As Northwest Ohio’s Managed Service Provider, we have been proactively helping organizations stay focused on their goals and not on the day-to-day responsibility of managing their IT infrastructure. Our Managed IT Solutions, Cloud Solutions, and Business Phone Systems keep our customers worry free, as we are Monitoring your IT assets continuously.  

Removing technological hurdles, to build a sustainable future.


Be Proactive. Plan, Take Action, and Engage.

Be Authentic. Build genuine relationships with our clients,team, and our community.

Be Mindful. Be present for our customers, team, and community and act with intention and humility.

Take Ownership. Be accountable to yourself and lead with awareness and discipline.

Value Teamwork. Approach problems with a “we over me” mentality.

Leadership Team

Andrew Stainbrook
Andrew Stainbrook
General Manager/Owner
Nate Binder
Nate Binder
Systems Administrator/Owner

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