IT Consulting Services

Save Time and Money with Strategic Planning and IT Consulting Services.

IT Consulting Services

Guiding you through the complex world of IT.

From servers to employee computers and devices to business phone systems you have many resources that need to run at peak performance. Whether you are updating your existing systems to support company growth, adding a new productivity tool, or just looking to maintain your current systems, we can help. Our IT Consulting services shed light on the various elements of any project large or small so you can save time, reduce risk, and avoid unwanted surprises. We can provide strategic planning and support to an existing IT department or work independently to establish a clear and concise plan of action.

Benefits of IT Consulting Services

Increase Productivity and Efficiency

Without an IT Consultant it’s tough to know what challenges you may face next. Adding new systems and functions that help increase productivity and efficiency is pivotal to the success of any organization. Our team can manage the various stages of your project to ensure minimal downtime.

Added Expertise & Experience

When you choose to work with us you are hiring an entire team with collective knowledge spread across a variety of specialties. Our IT Consultants take a top-down approach to the diverse individual parts of your technology and how they interact with the greater whole of your Infrastructure.

Save Time and Money

Downtime caused by server or equipment issues is an expensive problem that most companies cannot afford to experience. Through company specific risk management and best practices, our IT Consultants can create operating procedures to reduce the risk of costly system failure.

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“Northcoast Vets and its hospitals, Westview Veterinary Hospital, Inc., Catawba Veterinary Hospital, Inc., and Lakeshore Veterinary Hospital, Inc. have utilized Dotnet Technologies for at least the past 5 years. They have seen us successfully through new property moves, building renovations, system-wide hardware upgrades, company-wide software changes, and more. Andrew and Nate are always quick with an answer and a smile. We wouldn’t trust our IT needs to anyone else.” – Northcoast Vets

 Comprehensive and Strategic IT Consulting

Infrastructure Consulting

Cloud Consulting

Security Management

  • Industry Compliance
  • Cloud Security
  • Active Monitoring and Protection
  • Recovery Planning

Strategic Planning

Frequently Asked Questions

  • I’m building an office. When should I start thinking about IT?

    If you’re building or adding on to an existing space it’s critical to start planning your IT infrastructure right away. A dotnet IT Consultant can help you determine your needs as well as the layout and final costs to make your space as efficient as possible.
  • How can I streamline my IT infrastructure to increase employee productivity?

    With dotnet technologies, we can evaluate your existing IT infrastructure and make recommendations to help simplify your workflow and increase employee productivity. With managed IT solutions from dotnet technologies, you and your employees can stay up and running, allowing your company to be the most effective it can be.
  • How do I know if I’m spending too much on IT?

    In general, a complete IT audit of your existing infrastructure can help tell you where you may be spending too much. It can also identify potentially problematic areas that could be very costly in the future. We recommend you have a yearly IT audit to ensure your IT infrastructure is safe and secure.
  • How often should I buy a new server?

    This depends on the quality of your server and whether it has been managed properly. Less expensive and neglected servers have shorter lifespans while a good midrange well-kept server typically lasts 3-5 years. If your server is managed properly and upgrades are performed regularly, you could see a server lifespan upwards of 10 years.