IT Security Solutions

Our Comprehensive Solutions Keep Your Business Secure

IT Security Solutions

Creating a Safer More Secure Business

In an ever-evolving world of technology, it becomes increasingly difficult to protect your business from new and existing cyber threats. With every new threat found and blocked, hundreds more are developed and waiting to wreak havoc on your systems. While they may have worked in the past, free antivirus software is no longer enough to protect your business from the complex threats we face today. Don’t worry. We have the solution.

Benefits of Our IT Security Solutions

Advanced Protection

With threats today attacking businesses from all angles the simple protections of the past no longer work.  Our advanced IT security solutions protect your network, server, workstations, and mobile devices from a variety of known threats.

Peace of Mind 

We understand you have a business to run and you can’t afford to worry about whether your IT systems are protected. Our security system will do the heavy lifting and keep you protected while you operate, business as usual.


Security is a critical element in the operation of every business and therefore, we believe it should be affordable. That’s why we decided to build our own security package that includes both network security appliances and endpoint security software.

 Security Appliance Features 

  • Enterprise Firewall
  • Advanced Threat Protection
  • Web and Content Filtering
  • 3G/4G WAN Connectivity
  • Secure Communications

 Endpoint Security Features 

Managed Threat Protection

Server and Device Compatability

Web Filtering and Control

Firewall with Intrusion Detection

AntiSpam Email Protection

Centralized Smart Scanning

“Northcoast Vets and its hospitals, Westview Veterinary Hospital, Inc., Catawba Veterinary Hospital, Inc., and Lakeshore Veterinary Hospital, Inc. have utilized Dotnet Technologies for at least the past 5 years. They have seen us successfully through new property moves, building renovations, system wide hardware upgrades, company wide software changes and more. Andrew and Nate are always quick with an answer and a smile. We wouldn’t trust our IT needs to anyone else.” – Lakeshore Vets

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How do I know if my current IT infrastructure is secure?

    There are a wide variety of factors that go into ensuring your IT infrastructure is secure. Therefore, this is a conversation you should have with your company’s IT professional or someone with extensive knowledge of the system. If you don’t have one, hire one right away and have them perform an IT audit to get the answers you seek.
  • How do I know if my office is safe and secure from outside threats?

    Security in the 21st century is a never ending game of cat and mouse. Modern companies should be operating with multiple layers of security in place to help protect against external breaches of any kind. At dotnet technologies, we diligently evaluate and reevaluate your security to keep you protected.
  • How can I operate remotely and know that I am safe and secure?

    Wifi is accessible at nearly every corner, but utilizing a public network can leave you and your information vulnerable. Learn more about that in our blog article about working remotely. With a number of security options available, dotnet technologies can set you up with the perfect online security.
  • How do I know if my backups are being done properly?

    Data backups are one of the most important things to continuously monitor and maintain. You can rest assured that your information is redundantly safe and secure with our data monitoring software.

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