Managed IT Solutions

Keep Your IT Environment Safe, Secure, and Simple.

Managed IT Solutions

We know how important your organization is to you and how crucial IT is to your day to day operations. For many businesses, maintaining IT assets in house can be very costly and inefficient. At dotnet technologies, we can be your complete managed services provider, supporting all your servers, desktops, network appliances, and other IT assets.

Your systems are monitored and managed both remotely and locally 24/7, with issues often times getting resolved without any interruption to your day. If you have additional questions about Managed IT Solutions from dotnet technologies, feel free to contact us. We would be more than happy to answer any questions or concerns.

What are Managed IT Solutions?

Managed IT Solutions (also called Managed Services) from dotnet technologies are a set of proactive IT services that we charge you a monthly flat fee for and in return, we take over the IT related aspects of your business. The scope of our involvement depends on many factors, such as, size of business, number of locations, devices on the network, and additional offerings. The sky is the limit. The idea here, is that you are outsourcing your IT to a group of professionals who are experts at what they do. Managed solutions allows you to deal with technology in a more efficient way and focus on your business goals. 

Benefits of Managed IT Solutions

Flat Rate IT

By using dotnet technologies as your Managed Solution Provider (MSP) you are putting your business first. Your budgeting will be transformed, as you will have a predictable monthly IT expense, which will allow you to redistribute resources and grow your business. By eliminating in house IT emergencies, employees will be able to increase production, thus further growing your business.

Proactive IT

By delegating your IT infrastructure to dotnet technologies, you no longer have to worry about the threat of an IT crisis. In addition to damage control, dotnet technologies is constantly updating and upgrading your IT infrastructure through proactive maintenance. For business owners, this means a significant decrease in the amount of down time and increased employee satisfaction.

Productive IT

dotnet technologies will be an extension of your own business. It is our job to understand your unique company’s needs. dotnet technologies works in alignment with your goals and aspirations, which allows us to transform the way you do business. By working with dotnet technologies, you will be able to improve efficiency, reduce costs, increase profits and reach your business goals.

 Features of Our Managed IT Solutions 

  • Disaster Recovery Preparedness
  • Network Monitoring
  • Asset Management
  • Endpoint Security

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