Are Information Technology Audits Important? [Hint: Yes]

The Importance Of Examining Your Data

Are Information Technology Audits Important? [Hint: Yes]

A new study by We Are Social in partnership with Hootsuite found that we currently spend more than 40% of our waking lives using the internet—that is a ton of information you’re trusting your computing systems to keep secure! Now, you can leave it up to chance that your confidential content won’t be the target of a security risk, or you can educate yourself on the far-reaching benefits of an information technology audit.

What Are Information Technology Audits?

According to Netcomp Solutions, information technology audits are examinations that ensures data availability, integrity, and confidentiality within an IT infrastructure. In other words, information technology audits help gauge the health of your organization, identify vulnerabilities, and create a roadmap for where the company is headed and what solutions they need to get there. Whether you are updating your existing systems to support company growth, adding a new productivity tool, or just looking to maintain your current systems, dotnet technologies can help.

Information Technology Audits Protect Information

Perhaps the main catalyst in getting a routine information technology audit is safeguarding a company’s information. Keeping sensitive data secure should be every business’ top priority. When you hire professionals, you receive peace of mind knowing they are experienced in the individual parts of your technology and how they interact with the greater whole of your infrastructure. Thus, these experts with intimate knowledge of your system can keep it safe under virtual lock and key. This level of security can also be used to gain trust from potential customers.

Information Technology Audits Prevent Cyber Attacks

Did you know Verizon’s collection of data from 2019 revealed that 43% of cyber-attacks target small businesses? Don’t be a part of that statistic! An information technology audit not only assesses the risk of an organization, it can also identify internal and external threats and act automatically. This service can also help curtail fraud. Colocation America reports recurring analysis of a company’s operations and the implementation of rigorous internal control systems can prevent and detect various forms of accounting irregularities.

Information Technology Audits Secure In Case Of Disaster

Are your systems or employees repaired to bring servers back up after a disaster? When a catastrophe strikes, it doesn’t wait for you to develop a strategic plan. Be it a natural disaster, system blackout, theft, or a data breach, it will take no mercy on your system. A main function of an information technology audit is developing a plan for disaster and recovery. Don’t let unpreparedness be your company’s biggest weakness.

Information Technology Audits Help Prep For Growth

While information technology audits can help an entity in real time, it’s also a powerful tool for your enterprise’s future. Do you expect to expand? If so, an audit can shed light on the current capabilities of a system and inform officials on what needs to be done to accommodate growth. Receive the tools and guidance from the experienced team of IT consultants at dotnet technologies to save time, reduce risk, and avoid unwanted surprises through your expansion.

Information Technology Audits Save Money

It is hard—sometimes even impossible—to financially recover from an IT disaster. Downtime caused by server or equipment issues is an expensive problem that most companies cannot afford to experience.

Through company specific risk management and best practices, an information technology audit can create operating procedures to reduce the risk of costly system failure. This is an investment you can’t afford not to make.

The Power Of Information Technology Audits

As you can see, information technology audit are important to the current state of your company, it’s future, and your wallet. Ready to experience the power of information technology audit yourself? We hope so. Continue the conversation with us over at, via email at, or over the phone at (419) 441-4200.

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