Asset Monitoring: 4 Reasons To Outsource To Professionals

Keep your assets safe and healthy by outsources Managed IT Solutions

Asset Monitoring: 4 Reasons To Outsource To Professionals

Having managed IT solutions allows a business to hand over their IT operations to a service provider. Typically in exchange for a flat monthly fee. A primary aspect of managed IT solutions is asset monitoring. This service logs information about tangible assets, allowing a business to verify important information about its servers, desktops, network appliances, and more. It also involves gathering detailed hardware and software inventory information, which is used to make decisions about purchases and how assets are used. Put simply, an asset monitoring service well, monitors all of your assets. IT assets are both costly to acquire and to maintain. Plus, conducting IT maintenance in-house can be very costly and inefficient. Long story short, asset monitoring is a critical component of any managed IT plan. Don’t risk compromising your investment by monitoring your assets  in-house. In this article, we will illustrate 4 reasons outsourcing your managed IT solutions to professionals can help keep your assets safe and healthy. 

Improve Efficiency with Asset Monitoring

Health reporting is an important process for asset monitoring. It assures the likelihood that equipment can perform a certain function when required so your business can operate more efficiently. If your system is unhealthy, it can lead to costly issues. A down piece of equipment can create a major setback for your company’s efficiency. Lastly, asset management presents service providers with a full understanding of IT assets, their capabilities, lifecycle, upgrade expectations, maintenance requirements, etc. This breath of information helps leaders make fast and informed decisions that can save your company money.

Spot Issues + Discover Trends with Asset Monitoring

To the untrained eye, hardware and software issues can be camouflaged amongst day-to-day functionalities. But under the scrutiny of experienced IT professionals, they stick out like sore thumbs. Asset monitoring is just one component of a solid IT plan that illuminates issues quickly and easily. Notifications can also be enabled to alert managers when anything goes amiss. What’s more, asset monitoring can even discover issues before they happen. By uncovering behavior trends in hardware and software, asset monitoring can help service providers take a proactive approach to an encroaching problem.

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Save Money

Asset monitoring allows companies to understand what assets they possess and what they are being used for. Meaning all of your assets are being utilized to their fullest extent. In this way, the process prevents organizations from spending money on unnecessary hardware and/or software.  A misstep that could result in unnecessary expenses for the company. Asset management data can also help an organization evaluate past purchasing behavior and make more informed decisions in the future. Allowing you to purchase equipment for the right price, at the right time.

Enforce Compliance with Policies and Requirements

With a team of professionals watching every move your IT system makes, they’ll make sure corporate security policies are adhered to and regulatory requirements are met. We live in a world where everyone brings their devices to work and this could be detrimental to your security. Not to mention, customer data security is on the minds of companies big and small these days. The HIPAA Security Rule requires that companies safeguard the confidentiality, integrity and security of individuals’ personal information. Asset monitoring can ensure your hardware and software, as well as those pieces being brought on site, offer a safe environment for your business to operate, and customers to share their confidential data. 

The Power of Asset Monitoring

Above all, outsourcing your asset monitoring offers peace of mind that your IT needs are in the hands of trained professionals. No more time spent worrying about when that next issue will arise, or worse, trying to recover from a surprise. This allows you to get back to business, and focus on your professional goals. At dotnet technologies, we can be your complete managed services provider, supporting all your servers, desktops, network appliances, and other IT assets. When you contact dotnet technologies, you get hands-on care. Our technicians are highly qualified and knowledgeable, so you can feel safe leaving all your IT needs to us. Let us simplify your business.

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