Computer Recycling Resources

Helpful information for recycling your old technology.

Computer Recycling Resources

If you’re like us then you probably have a bunch of old technology sitting around your home or office. Sure, you have wanted to get rid of it many times, but every time you think about it the idea is just daunting. You are not alone. Every year hundreds of thousands of households have piles of old or outdated technology that just continues to grow. Put an end to your pile and finally check that computer recycling task off your list with these helpful resources.


Getting Started: What Can I Recycle?

First things first, computer recycling can be dangerous if done improperly. Your old technology likely has a lot of personal information stored within. Phones have contacts and personal data, computers have files, pictures, financial data, and more. It’s critical that you factory reset your phones and remove any and all hard drives from computers BEFORE you take them to recycle.

Additionally, many older electronics contain dangerous parts or hazardous materials such as batteries, mercury, or other harmful things. If you don’t know the composition of your item, do your research first. You can run a quick Google search or utilize the resources below to see if your item is acceptable for recycling.


Local Recycling Resources

Recycling Household Items

Did you know that most Best Buy stores offer electronics recycling bins? Typically they are located somewhere near the entrance of the store if your location has them. They will take anything from old phones to electronics, batteries, and more. Some exclusions apply so check the link below in advance.

Best Buy (See Limitations) –


Quick Drop Off Boxes or Business Pickup

You may have noticed those bright green metal containers in parking lots across the Northwest Ohio area. They are computer recycling receptacles from Recycle IT USA. A great company with a mission to recycle electronic waste and save the environment from its hazards. Feel free to use these bins for miscellaneous electronics, but PLEASE do so responsibly. If the bin is full or your item won’t fit don’t leave it next to the bin. Contact them at the link below and they will assist you.

Recycle I.T. USA (No Tube TV or CRTs) –

Recycle It USA Toledo

Drop off (Only)

If you are looking for an alternative place to drop your electronics off check out the local Virtual PCs locations. They offer both free and paid recycling based on the items you are looking to get rid of. Check the link for additional details.

Virtual PCs –



We’re lucky to have a handful of local computer recycling events in our area each and every year. This year WTOL has a great list of upcoming events. Most of these events are free to the general public or residence of certain areas. Check the list below to see if one of the upcoming events is convenient for you!

Toledo 2021 –

Ottawa, Sandusky, Seneca County –

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