Your Free Antivirus Software Isn't Going to Cut it

You get what you pay for...

Your Free Antivirus Software Isn’t Going to Cut it

Purchasing a new computer system can be a significant investment of time and money. You spend hours looking at different models and specifications for that perfect fit. You make a decision and pull the trigger on a new computer. Everything is hooked up, you transfer all the essential data, and install the software including your favorite free antivirus software. A Free Antivirus Software?! You just spent hundreds or thousands of dollars and spent a ton of time to acquire your computer. Don’t leave it in the hands of free antivirus software. Go the distance; you are almost there!

Antivirus, you get what you pay for.

There are several drawbacks in utilizing a free antivirus software platform. One significant disadvantage is that they don’t detect malware as well as paid versions. Once a threat is isolated, the paid AVS does a better job at removing the known threat from your system. Free AVS products also lack the technical support needed in an emergency such as product failure.  Last but not least, no matter what you are doing a free AVS solicits the purchase of their paid product lines.

Startling Statistics

I recently learned from the National Cyber Security Alliance that nearly 43% of cyber-attacks target small businesses. Of those targeted, 60% go out of business within the first six months after the attack.  That is a scary thought for any business owner. Keep in mind that it is impossible to keep you or your company 100% safe and secure from cyber threats. It’s time to be proactive instead of reactive when dealing with viruses and malware. Investing $49.99 a year on a paid Antivirus software to decrease the chances of a threat harming your system seems like a fair trade-off to me.

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