Struggling to remember passwords?

A password manager may be the answer

Struggling to remember passwords? A password manager may be the answer

Why do I need a password manager?

How many times have you forgotten the password to your favorite website? More times than you want I’m guessing. Your only options are to search endlessly for a password that might not exist or reset your password. So you begin the lengthy process of resetting the password, which typically includes outdated security questions. Good luck remembering those! After a number of emails back and forth you finally get to the reset password screen. The hard part is over, or so you thought. You are now required to follow a password complexity policy, creating a password that will be even more difficult to remember!  Will this process ever end?! Did it ever occur to you that you might need a password manager?

The moral of this story is…

Creating and remembering passwords can be a huge burden. You can alleviate this burden by implementing a password manager such as LastPass. Using a password manager will allow you to store passwords for any site you login into for safe keeping and even auto log you in. Some even allow you to generate a secure password, insuring you create a password that will meet any complexity requirements.  If you are the IT guy in your family (like me) you often “voluntarily” remember your family members passwords. Password manager such as LastPass gives you the ability to share passwords with these family member (or coworker/friends) and vice versa. Whether you’re the family IT guy or you oversee business network(s), a password manager is an essential tool to have, as it takes the difficulty out of creating, remembering and managing passwords.