The Importance of a Yearly IT Audit

Don't risk doing business without one!

Benefits of IT Audits

Is your company protecting the data you have access to? Are you overpaying for your technology? Do you meet compliance standards? Are your systems vulnerable to attacks? These questions and more can all be answered with a comprehensive Information Technology (IT) audit. Yearly IT audits are an important part of any business because of the benefits they provide. Below we dive a bit deeper into a few of the benefits you can expect from your next IT audit.


TOP 3 Benefits of IT Audits

Reduce Costs

Whether it is the end of the year or you’re looking for places to cut back, businesses are always looking to save money and increase profit. Perhaps you’re overspending on technology. A comprehensive IT audit looks at the systems currently in place as well as identifies the technology you’ll need to do your job efficiently in the future. With a complete picture of the company’s future needs, you can create a plan that will save you money and ensure you’re not buying equipment you don’t need. Making this one of the best benefits of IT audits.


Identify Vulnerabilities

IT audits do a wonderful job at determining where your company is vulnerable. Maybe your Wi-Fi provides access to more of your network than it should. Or perhaps one of your critical computers is about to experience a hard drive failure. Whatever the vulnerability it is never a good thing. They turn into issues when you least expect it. Leading to downtime and costing you money. An IT audit will provide a list of vulnerabilities allowing you to understand them and act before they become a problem.


Ensures Compliance

Every industry that deals with consumer data has regulations they must adhere to in order to stay compliant. Are you protecting your customer’s data to the standards required by law for your industry? If you don’t know, an IT audit is a great place to start. Proper IT audits identify technology and policy gaps that keep your business from meeting regulations. Even better it will outline necessary changes to ensure your company is compliant. Allowing you to rest easy.


Now you can see the benefits of IT audits and how they are a critical component of any successful business. They provide peace of mind and allow businesses to have a better understanding of their operations. If your business hasn’t had an IT audit in the past 6-12 months, there is no better time than the present. The consequences of doing business without can be devastating. Don’t take the risk! Contact us today and schedule your audit!

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