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Goodbye Windows 7, Time to Upgrade

By now you’ve likely heard that Windows 7 will be saying it’s final goodbyes at the beginning of next year. On January 14, 2020, Microsoft will end all support for the operating system. While this shouldn’t come as a big surprise, after all, mainstream support ended almost 4 years ago, it’s still catching many users [...] Read More

Safe Internet Browsing

640 million. That is roughly the current number of websites on the internet, and it keeps climbing. Which means the chance of you stumbling across a website with malicious content is also on the rise. The internet has forever changed the way we live our day to day lives. It allows us to read the […]

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dotnet technologies Moves to New Office in Waterville, OH

We’re excited about our new office space as it accommodates our ever expanding business needs. Being a new tenant in the Waterville downtown community has proven a wonderful experience as everyone has welcomed us fervently. While we love to service new clients but a friendly reminder our office is by appointment only. We look forward […]

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